Skills Class RECAP April 7-May 12

Skills Class – Double Unders, HSPU, Snatch & the Muscle Up!!

We focused on these 4 movements from April 7-May 12 in the Skills class offered on Thursdays at 10am and 6pm.  Several progressions & drills were provided depending on the level of the athlete.  Below is a recap of some of those p&d’s we attacked over the cycle.

Double Unders

  • Progression 1: The Jump (no rope) – Jump on balls of feet with a tight/straight mid-line & neutral spine.  While jumping think of elevating knees and avoid donkey kicking, pike jumping or tuck jumping.
  • Progression 2: Mastering the Single Under – Get a rope and start jumping.  Hands should be close to your body and slightly out front so you can see them.  If hands are way out to the side, the rope will become higher to jump.
  • Progression 3: Wrist Flick – To spin the rope double time, practice a flick of the wrist versus the whole arm twirl.  You can practice the timing without a rope by quickly double tapping your hands on your thighs in between jumps.
  • Progression 4: Jump, Jump, Jump, Double-Under Attempt – Find an even cadence with the SU and then attempt the double.  This will help you to find a pace with the DU instead of attempting DU right out of the gate.
  • Progression 5: Remove SU from in between DU reps – As you become more proficient, remove single from in between DU and eventually you’ll be able to string together more DU.
  • Progression 6: Correct Common Faults – Become more efficient with your DU!  Below are great drills to practice!
  1. ZERO DU/Inefficient Singles – 5 min EMOM – perform 30s of Singles work
  2. ZERO DU/Efficient Singles – 5 min EMOM – perform 30s of cadence rhythm work (ex: SU, SU, SU, DU attempt)
  3. <5 Unbroken DU – 5 min EMOM – perform 30s of unbroken cadence rhythm work.  Switch between SU and DU as much and as many as needed. (ex: SU, SU, DU, DU, SU, DU, DU…….)
  4. 5+ Unbroken DU – 50 Unbroken DU for time in 10 sets of 5 OR 100 Unbroken DU for time in 10 sets of 10 (rest as needed in between sets)



  • Progression 1: Push-Ups – strict push-ups (15-20 unbroken), pike push-ups & box push-ups
  • Progression 2: Wall Walk-Ups – This will build shoulder strength for holds.
  • Progression 3: Handstand/Headstand Holds – Nose & toes to wall or heels to wall.  Hold as long as you can up to 60s.  When your body starts to relax, it’s time to get down.  Beginners should start with a headstand hold to get comfortable with the upside down position.
  • Progression 4: Kick-Ups – Strong kick-ups are key to stability/balance and reset time.
  • Progression 5: Partial Range HSPU – Use multiple ab mats under head.
  • Progression 6: Controlled Descents – Use ab mat/s under head and kick up to full extension and slowly descend head to ab mat.  Bring feet down to ground and repeat.  More advanced athletes will push up to full extension rather than kicking up and then control descent.
  • Progression 7: Deficit HSPU – Add plates under hands to allow extra range of motion.  This can be used with negatives for more advanced athletes.

Things to remember:

  • Neutralize neck
  • Chin to Chest – top of head should touch mat
  • Using a mat of some sort is a must
  • Shoulders should be in the strong, ACTIVE position throughout entire rep
  • Strict Press/Push Press will greatly contribute to HSPU strength



All of these drills can be done with a PVC pipe or empty barbell.  Utilize these drills as a warm-up in order to create proper muscle memory for the big lift.  When you become more efficient, slowly adding weight to these drills will contribute to the strength & mobility involved with the Snatch.

The Burgener Warm-up:

  • the Down & Up (Down & Finish, Dip & Drive, etc.)
  • Elbows High & Outside
  • Muscle Snatch
  • Snatch Drops (bar overhead and drop down into your receiving positions, starting with a 2″ drop, then 4″, 6″)
  • Snatch Land (bar overhead and drop all the way down into full squat/receiving position)

Skills Transfer Exercises:

  • Overhead Push Press (bar is in back rack position with snatch grip and press overhead)
  • Overhead Squat
  • Pressing Snatch Balance
  • Heaving Snatch Balance
  • Snatch Balance

Continue to work on technique and perform the Snatch from all positions (high hang, mid-hang, low-hang & floor) to develop speed under the barbell.  Also, be sure to join Coach Laura for her Olympic Lifting classes on Tuesday and Friday Evenings at 6:15!


Muscle Up

We are working on these again this cycle with a fresh approach.  We are focusing on this movement from the ground up starting with pull-up strength.  Along with pull strength, we will focus on the push strength necessary for a MU.  So expect variations of pull-ups, ring dips and lots of fun with transition progressions.