November 2018 – Coach of the Month

Elyse Woods

I am originally from Lorton, VA (outside of DC) and I moved down to North Carolina two years ago (Nov 16 will be 2 years exactly!) to be with Jacob.  Jacob and I went to high school together but didn’t start dating until college.  We’re both super competitive.  One of our favorite things to do together is work out … especially when I beat him in WOD’s 🙂

My degree is in Exercise and Sport Science, so I’ve always been interested in fitness/health.  I think it’s so cool how changing or implementing exercise and positive nutritional habits can change a person’s body.  it’s like our bodies are science experiments that we get to manipulate on a daily basis!  I started CrossFit after I graduated college.  I wanted to find something to do so I wouldn’t gain weight.  I realized going to the gym alone wasn’t providing enough motivation.  Joining CrossFit was hands down the best decision I’ve ever made.  Oh, and Jacob’s a good one, too!

Oh man!  I love a good chipper!  And, if it includes deadlifts, cleans, wall balls and/or handstand push-ups … I’M IN!

I can’t pick out one specific accomplishment that I’m most proud of since starting CrossFit, but every competition I’ve been in, I walk away feeling so proud and happy.  I’ve had some great opportunities and there’s no better feeling than pouring your heart into a competition.  Competing is by far one of my favorite things.

I became a CrossFit Trainer because I love helping others.  It makes me happy to watch others succeed and makes me even happier when I can assist someone to reach a goal.

I love 611 because of the community.  When I first moved down, I lived in Fayetteville and I would drive out to Southern Pines just for Saturday morning Sport.  there are just some really awesome, great people at 611!