November 2018 – Members of the Month

Christine Soto

I moved to NC with my husband and pup in January 2017.  For the last year, we have been in the Southern Pines are and love being able to call it home.

I started my CrossFit journey in February with the four weeks Basics course.  I came in overweight, always tired and antisocial.  I’ve learned the importance of good nutrition and exercise.  Fast forward 9 months and I can’t even recognize the person who walked in the door the first day!

My favorite movement so far has been the box back squat.  My favorite type of workouts are EMOM’s (every minute on the minute).  Knowing the movement is just one minute I don’t psych myself out.

My biggest accomplishment so far has been rope climbing.  I have never climbed a rope in my life and it was so amazing when I finally got to the top.  Rope burn and all!

My favorite thing about CrossFit 611 is the community.  I have never been involved in something that has been so supportive and encouraging.  I’ve been encouraged to more than I ever thought I could.


Matt Shipstead


I grew up in southern California and have lived all over since, including Colorado, Germany and all over the east coast.  I was a competitive swimmer through college specializing in distance freestyle.  Being an athlete growing up both set me up for a continuing interest in fitness but also made me want to find a way to stay fit that was different from all the years I spent looking at that black line on the bottom of the pool.

I started CrossFitting pretty seriously in 2010.  I was actually in Afghanistan and some of the guys I was working with had certifications and were running a daily (nightly) workout.  I quickly found that CrossFit offered an effective and challenging routine.  In that environment I especially appreciated how much work could be accomplished in an hour.  I was hooked pretty quickly and continued when I got home.  I’ve been with it ever since.

I don’t know if I have a favorite movement.  I tend to be best at bodyweight movements – pull-ups, wallballs, box jumps, running, rowing, etc.  On the flip side, with my background as an endurance athlete and sort of a lanky build, the olympic lifts have been a weak spot for me.  I’m not where I should be but I still enjoy working on them and making slow progress.

My favorite workouts tend to be – no surprise – longer, chipper type wods.  I have a love/hate with some of the benchmark workouts like Kelly and Jackie that I’m good at but where I can also really push myself.

I think there’s sort of three broad areas by which to judge CrossFit boxes:  coaches/programming, athletes, and facility.  CrossFit 611 excels in all three.  The box itself is great with plenty of space and equipment.  The coaches are knowledgeable and attentive.  but most of all, on any day at 611, you can find athletes of all abilities working out together, supporting each other and all pushing themselves to their respective limits.  It’s a great environment that inspires and encourages me to work hard every day – and gets me out of bed before 5.


Kelsey Sigette

My husband and I have been married since 2009, moved to NC in 2012 for his job with the Army.  We had our first daughter, Addisyn, in 2013; son, Jeremiah, in 2014; and second daughter, Amelia, in 2016.  I am a stay-at-home mom and I am chipping away at my Bachelor’s degree to become a teacher!  I like to read and be totally immersed in the story, being with my family outdoors, and camping.

I began doing The Grind with the last New You Challenge group, so for about 4 months now.

My favorite type of workout is … hmmm … I like the timed rounds like a 15 minute time to see how many rounds you can complete of farmer’s carry, 10 lunges, 10 russian twists, and so on.  I like to push myself to complete more than I originally think I can at the beginning.

I like most any music while working out as long as it isn’t slow.  I really enjoyed the day that Coach Aubrey played on of her stations and it was all the music I jammed out to in high school:)

My biggest accomplishment so far are inches lost and sticking with it much more than I have ever stuck to any other workouts/gyms before!

My favorite thing about CrossFit 611 is the atmosphere!  I love that, even though I’m usually the last one to finish, I never feel rushed or like I am holding anyone back.  There is always a smiling face and someone cheering me on to finish strong!