December 2018 Member Spotlights


My husband Ted and I are native to Southern Pines and have two kiddos (Grace who is 9 and Graham who is 6).  We are a military family and Ted works on Fort Bragg.  I am an occupational therapist and work part time with the geriatric population.

I started CrossFit 8 years ago and the gym is like second home to me.  I’ve always been athletic but was really unhappy with the traditional gym and self-led workouts I was doing.  Wasn’t getting any results and had a really hard time being motivated to go at all.  One afternoon I was driving down US 1 and saw a bunch of idiots running up and down the sidewalk near death and carrying heavy things.  So, I was like, yep that’s what I need!  I walked into the tiny box, then called East Coast CrossFit, to figure out what was going on.  I was super intimidated and was thinking there would be no way I could do half of the craziness going on in there.  I signed up that day.  It’s been true love ever since!

My favorite workouts are chippers.  I like hacking away at high rep movements.  Filthy 50 is my jam!

My favorite CrossFit movement is probably wall balls.  But I hate them.  You know what I mean.

The most challenging thing is CrossFit is to not compare my personal strengths and weaknesses to those of others.  I’m a competitive person so keeping in mind that I’m the only person I’m competing with is pretty tough.  It’s important though because it makes working out a lot more enjoyable.

My favorite thing about CrossFit 611 is watching the evolution of it over the years.  It is such a supportive environment with many different levels of athletes and offering so many options for class times and types of classes.  I love to workout but one of the main reasons I’m here is because of the relationships I’ve developed.


My name is Leo, and I am a physical therapist.  I have a wonderful wife and an amazing  daughter.  My family and I just recently moved to North Carolina from Maryland.

Two years ago, my two best friends influenced me to go to CrossFit and I have been enjoying it ever since.

My favorite CrossFit movements are the strict press, push jerk, cleans, rowing and wallballs.  My favorite type of workout is an AMRAP because it pushes me to my limit.  The most challenging thing about CrossFit for me is going to the box at least four times a week.  Honestly, I think there are many challenging workouts, but I think it’s a good thing because the challenging workouts are what makes CrossFit exciting and fun; it also makes me want to work harder.

My favorite things about CrossFit 611 is how there is a kind of community of people that pushes individuals to do their best and treats everyone like family.  CrossFit has helped me to stay healthy throughout these two years; I enjoy it very much and I plan on continuing my CrossFit journey.



I’m single, but looking … LOL!

I started The Grind workouts in August of this year.  I knew it wouldn’t be easy but I was determined not to stop no matter how hard it is.  I went from 16.4% body fat to 14.4% in 8 weeks and lost 1.5 inches in my stomach.  I’m reaching my goals and starting to see chest and ab development.

CrossFit is the perfect workout for motocross racing which is my passion and these workouts are high endurance.

I love this gym and all my new friends there and I hope I can be an influence on people to keep pushing and you’ll get there!