Tuesday Sport

CrossFit 611 – Sport

Accessory Work

A. Core Conditoning: 3 Rounds NFT

10 Supine Windshield Wipers

30′ Banded Seal Walk Forward

30′ Banded Seal Walk Backwards

30 Alt Weighted Oblique Twists

B. Straight Arm Strength: 5 Rounds NFT

5 Tuck to Planche Lean (Off Rower)

5 Planche Slides (Off Rower)

:05 Planche Lean Hold (Off Rower)

5 Planche Push Ups (Off Rower)

5 Compression Slides (Off Rower)

(Note: Rest as needed between sets)

C. Core Compression Conditioning: 3 Rounds

3 Pike Stretch Pulses

3 Side V Ups/Side

3 Candlestick Roll to Pistol/Leg

3 Lateral Plank Kicks/Side

(Note: No Rest between movements; Rest 2:00 between rounds)