Friday Sport

CrossFit 611 – Sport

Accessory Work

A. Core Conditioning: 3 Rounds

10 Alt Fluttler Kicks

:10 Hollow Hold

10 Prone Leg Lifts

:10 Hollow Hold

10 Alt Bottom Balance Complex

:10 Bottom Balance Hold

10 Side Plank Hip Pulses (Right)

:10 Side Plank Hold

10 Side Plabk Hip Pulses (Left)

:10 Side Plank Hold

(Note: No Rest between movements; Rest 2:00 between rounds)

B. Pull Strength Progression: 3 Rounds

4-5 Russian Box Dips

4-5 Strict False Grip Pull Ups (Rings)

4-5 Tuck Ice Cream Makers (Bar)

2-3 Skin the Cats (Rings)

4-5 Negative Leg Lifts (:05 Negative Each Rep)

(Note: Rest as needed)

C. Trunk Accesory: 2 Rounds

:20-:30 Planche Leans (Off Rower); Rest :30

:20-:30 Tuck Hold; Rest :30

:20-:30 Reverse Leg Lifts Off GHD; Rest :30

:20-:30 Reverse Plank Lifts; Rest :30


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