Member Spotlights – January 2019


My family has been in the Fort Bragg area for a little over 10 years.  My husband was in the Army and I was a government contractor before having our youngest.  We have a 15 year old, a 4 year old and a 2 year old.

I started CrossFit in 2007.  I had been searching for something new to do with my normal gym routine.  CrossFit wasn’t very big at the time and I had no idea what to expect, but my first experience wrecked me and I realized I definitely needed to switch my fitness up.

My biggest motivator to come to the gym is knowing that if I can get on the other side of a workout, no matter how tired I am, I know I will feel so much better for the rest of the day.

My favorite type of workout is a chipper.  Recently, I got toes to bar and butterfly pull-ups so I am happy to see them in workouts so I can get more practice in.

My favorite thing about CrossFit 611 is pretty much everything.  I love everyone at the gym, I love how friendly everyone is and how comfortable everyone makes each other.  I love the determination of the coaches to see members succeed and their efforts to help us accomplish our fitness goals.



My name is Joshua Coxe and I was born and raised in Pinehurst, NC. I work in real property appraisal, but I am working on my Masters in Christian Leadership with the hopes of becoming a Pastor. I am the oldest of the siblings. Many of you know my little sister Jess and if you don’t just look for the 16-year-old girl beating me in most workouts.

I started Crossfit a little over two years ago. I had worked out in more conventional gyms prior and I was ready for a new challenge.

I’m highly involved in my church. I love playing any sport or doing outdoor hobbies/activities. I spend the rest of my free time reading and hanging out with friends.

My favorite workout is anything that is heavy and has a short duration. Fav movement is the Wall Ball.

I love that Crossfit 611 is not just a gym but a family. The community is both inclusive and encouraging. It has become my home away from home.



I am a native to Moore County except for the short 8 years spent in Boone! I live in Carthage with my husband and my 3 year old little dude whom I hope to get into the gym when he turns 4!!  As far as what I do with my time…I am a nurse, a small business owner, and I just started back to school on Jan 7th for my Family Nurse Practitioner. Let the stress and chaos begin!

I started the Grind in August 2018 with the New You Challenge because I needed a reboot.  I grew up dancing competitively along with cheerleading in high school and college, so I have been active for almost half of my 38.5 years.  My activity declined while in nursing school, during the “fat & happy” phase of marriage, after a successful round of IVF, and while enjoying a new little dude.  I knew I needed to change something when I noticed that my heart would race with minimal activity and I would get winded while playing with my son or with everyday activities.  So time for a change and I was intrigued by CrossFit.  I call the Grind my “voluntary torture”- it feels like torture when I’m doing it but I show up voluntarily each day and leave feeling like a superhero!!

My motivation to come Grind at 6:30AM is my little boy and my health.  I want to be a better ME-stronger, faster, better endurance, and to look/feel better for me.  I know how active I use to be and I want to surpass where I use to be.  I developed high blood pressure (no pre-eclampsia, thank the Lord!) during the last month of my pregnancy.  It resolved a month after my son arrived but it leaves me predisposed to develop it later in life.  All I can say is no thank you and I want to prevent it through bettering my self and my health.

I love the majority of the Grind workouts but have a preference to descending ladder workouts. I think it is because I know that there is an end and it is gonna get a little easier (not really sure that is a word in the Grind vocabulary).  I have many movements that I love and a few I love to hate!  I love wall balls, the rower, and all forms of squats.  My love to hate movements would be wall walks and burpees!!  I hate to do them but feel like my own superwoman when I am done.  My nemesis is the bike!!!
I love CrossFit 611 for the face you see and the challenges it brings each time you walk in the door.  All the coaches are always there to lead, assist, teach, and give encouragement and members are welcoming and encouraging even if they don’t know you by name.  I started in August with a bit of uncertainty and always coming in last with each workout but there was & is always encouragement and motivation coming from the coach and the group.  Challenge comes with each workout, each new movement, each new piece of equipment that is introduced.  I love the challenge!  I have a small goal of climbing one of the ropes….use to easily and will again! I will continue to show up for my “voluntary torture”.