CrossFit 611 – CrossFit


300m Row (200m @ warm-up pace, then last 100m @ ~90% effort)

“Hip Circle Glute Circuit” (Wear Hip Circle for Entire Circuit)

10 Glute Bridges w/ :03 Hold at Top

10 Squats w/ :03 Hold in Bottom

20 Lateral Steps/Side

20 Quadruped Hip Extension/Side

20 Standing Hip Extension/Leg

20 Seated Hip Abduction

20 Hip-Hinge Abduction


:30 wrist mobility per arm

:30 front rack mobility per arm

:30 OH plate hold (standing or walking)


Front/Back Squat Combo (Every 3:00 for 9:00 (3 sets))

20 Rep Front/Back Squat Set

Set 1: 5 Fronts + 5 Back Squats

Set 2: 5 Fronts + 5 Back Squats

Set 3: 10 Front + 10 Back Squats

(Note: Athletes may do 8-10 Front + 10-12 Back Squats; Total should be 20 reps)

(Note: As soon as bar is racked from front squats athletes should immediately put on back and step away from rack to begin back squats)

(Note: Goal is to add 5-15# from last time)

20 Rep Front Squat/Back Squat Set


Metcon (Weight)

12:00 AMRAP

100 DU (200 Singles)

50 Wall Balls (30/20)

40 T2B (Modify to Hanging Knee Raises or Sit Ups)

AMRAP Squat Cleans (AHAP) in balance of time

(Note: Score will be total load lifted; squat clean reps x weight)

(Note: Must keep weight the same once you get to AMRAP)