CrossFit 611 – CrossFit


200m Run

Every :45 for 9:00 (12 Sets)

Set 1: :30 Bounding Hops (AFAP)

Set 2: 3-4 Serratus Wall Slides with Band & Roller (:03 Pause on Each Rep)

Set 3: 4 SA KB 3-Point Row/Arm

Set 4: 4 Standing DB Arnold Press/Arm


Metcon (Weight)

3 Rounds

5:00 EMOM

10/7 Cals (Row)

Immediately into….

5:00 EMOM

5 TnG Push Press

Rest/Walk 2:00

(Note: Score will be total load lifted; Reps x weight = total load)

(Note: Goal is to be around 65-75% of Push Press)
Coach Note: Review PP Technique and provide time for warm-up/build to load.

To be counted as Rx ~ must complete all calories each minute and all PP Reps.