Handstands, Handstand Push-ups, Handstand Walks, Pistols

CrossFit 611 – Gymnastic Seminar


(5 min)

Monster walk, monster walk with forward circles, monster walk with backward circles

Bear crawl forward, bear crawl backward

Crab walk forward, crab walk backward


Teaching (5 min)


Tight body (core, butt), arms locked, press tall (through the ground), rib down, tuck hip, eye gaze at fingertips, hands shoulder-width, spread fingers, ears in line with arms

Skill Work (30 min)


Stacked body

Groups of 3: lead spotter, assistant spotter, athlete

Handstand Push-ups

Tripod position, tight body

Box scaling

Handstand Walks

Learn to hold a static handstand first

Box drills

Shift & lift drill, shoulder taps

Overbalance drill

Walk to wall


Close feet (tuck) squat

Toe behind (the closer the toe is to the heel the harder it will be)

Squat, leg out, stand up

Pistols to a box, use a plate, grab the calf or tuck the foot, add counterbalance


Cool Down

Scale to 50%, perform a strength building movement then supplement with building the full handstand

Ex: 10 HSPU and you don’t have strict: in workout do 5 box HSPU + HS hold on wall