All members must sign into Wodify prior to your scheduled class.  If there are multiple classes going on at one time, please be sure to sign in to the correct class and time.  If you are doing accessory work outside of class, you must log in to the Open Gym class.


Monthly membership plans are paid by automatic electronic payment (credit card, debit card or automatic checking account draft).  Monthly memberships will automatically renew each month at the same payment terms. Any changes to plan, or cancellation, must be received at least 14 days in advance of next billing cycle.  It is the members responsibility to monitor membership expiration and renewal dates.


Members may place their account on hold for the following reasons:  Military TDY, Injury, Vacation (2 weeks or more), Maternity, Illness and other.  Membership Holds must be requested via the website,  Hold requests must be submitted at least 2 days in advance of the requested start date.  Hold requests are not accepted via direct email, social media messaging, texting, phone call or conversation in the gym.  It is the member’s responsibility to monitor the membership hold dates and notify Crossfit 611 Admin of any changes to the initial hold request, whether returning to the gym earlier or later than the requested end date.


Membership plans can be cancelled at any time, however we must receive notification via the website cancellation form fourteen (14) days prior to your credit/debit card/draft processing date to cancel your monthly membership.  All plans and monthly memberships require a minimum of 14 days notice prior to next billing date to ensure cancellation of automatic payments. Cancellation requests submitted within 14 days of next billing date will result in final payment drawn from your account on your established auto draft date.  Once final payment has been drawn from your account, members will have 30 days from the bill date to use the facilities. It is the members responsibility to complete the online cancellation request ( at least 14 days in advance of the next billing date. There will be no refund issued once a payment has been charged to your credit card or deducted from your account.  Pre-paid plans require notification via the online cancellation request form 14 days prior to your next billing date and will incur an early cancellation fee if cancelled prior to end of pre-paid period.


All members are welcome to upgrade or downgrade their membership plans or packages without penalty.  Memberships can be upgraded at the start of the next billing cycle. However, if a member wishes to upgrade immediately their new membership plan will be prorated based on the number of days remaining in their current billing cycle at their new rate.  At the start of the next monthly billing cycle, they will be charged at their full membership rate.

If a member wishes to downgrade their membership to a lower session based plan, they must wait until their next monthly bill date for the new plan to be effective.  Please note, changes can not be made retroactively.


If you choose to cancel your membership at any time and return at a later date, you will be subject to any rate increases at the time of membership reactivation.


CrossFit 611 is a family-oriented facility.  We love our 611 kids. In order to maintain the safety of our athletes and children, we have a few ground rules.  Children are not allowed on the main floor when athletes are working out (except when participating in Ignite classes). Children should be supervised by parent or adult while in the gym.  Older children are welcome to hang out in the lobby area/couches during classes, but should not enter the main floor or other workout area.


We reserve the right to scale or stop your training session if it is deemed unsafe.  

CrossFit 611 reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason.  We reserve the right to cancel a client’s membership at any time for any reason.  If your membership is terminated by CrossFit 611 for any reason, we will refund the remainder of any pre-paid, unused membership.