Workout of the Day


CrossFit 611 – CrossFit Warm-up 200m Jog Lap Walking Quads Lap Frankenstein w/ Toe Touch Musical Walls Balls while Bear Crawling (2-3 Minutes) No one is “eliminated” that just have to sit out one round and do burpees until… Read more »


CrossFit 611 – CrossFit Warm-up 200m Jog :20 Hawaiian Squats/Leg :20 Shoulder Shoot Throughs/Side :20 Calf Raises/Side :20 Childs Pose/Side (Stretch to left and right) :20 Elevated Pigeon Stretch/Side Strongman B. Strong Man/Core 8:00 Alt EMOM Min 1: :30 Double… Read more »

Tuesday Sport

CrossFit 611 – Sport SPORT A. A. Core Conditoning: 3 Rounds NFT 10 Supine Windshield Wipers 30′ Banded Seal Walk Forward 30′ Banded Seal Walk Backwards 30 Alt Weighted Oblique Twists SPORT B. B. Straight Arm Strength: 5… Read more »