By definition, CrossFit is constantly-varied, functional movements, performed at high intensity. Functional movements are the things we do every day; getting up from a seated position, putting away dishes in the cabinets, picking up our children. We do CrossFit in a small group setting where you get to know the other athletes and form friendships along the way. CrossFit is more than a way to get into great shape. It’s a community.

Is CrossFit a good choice for you? One of the best parts of CrossFit is that every aspect of the workout can be scaled for all different levels of athletes, from beginner to elite. If you are looking to get into/stay in shape, looking for coaches who care about you and your success, looking for a friendly community that is encouraging and helpful, or if you need solid fitness programming to become stronger, faster and more agile, then CrossFit 611 is for you.