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CrossFit 611 Family,

I would like to take the time to recognize some of our members who have dedicated time and effort for this culminating event.
Featured above from left to right is Celia, Eric and Anna. They will be competing this weekend in the USPA Raleigh Ruckus Powerlifting Meet.

The meet is at 9am on Saturday (16) at CrossFit RDU in Durham. It will be Eric’s 1st, Celia’s 2nd, and Anna’s 3rd. They will all be competing in the in the raw open division. Anna currently holds the state record in bench for the 148lb weight class. She is looking to set another one in the 132lb weight class, and it looks like she’ll be going head to head with another lifter to do so.

Please encourage them as you see them and if you would like to go cheer them on, I’m sure they would love some support.
Our hats are off to the three of you and we wish you the best!


Team 611!

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