"I was greeted with smiles!"


When we made the move to NC I had never been in a new gym as a new member.  When I was in TN, I started my CF journey in my friend’s garage and then proceeded to coach at her CF gym, so I was the one greeting new faces.  When I came to 611, I wasn’t sure what to expect. All that disappeared when I was greeted with smiles and an openness that immediately put me at ease! Every type of athlete you can imagine is in one space, cheering and lifting up each other.  Here you have tried and true friends who push you to do better, here you have a family!  I was nervous walking into 611 not knowing anyone, but it didn’t take long to know I belonged here with like-minded people with one goal … an everlasting community!  Thank you Shawn and Becky for being the epicenter of our community.

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