"We cut up and laugh while also putting in work to become the best versions of ourselves."


Words cannot begin to describe how incredibly amazing CrossFit 611 has been to me since walking through their doors in March of 2019. I was the new kid at school, but it didn’t really feel like it based on the overwhelming welcome I received from a crew who would turn into my normal workout buddies, along with the large community I would meet up with on Saturday mornings. When you hear people say CrossFit is about community, 611 is the perfect example of it. Coaches and members not only care about how you do in a wod, but how you are as a person. We cut up and laugh while also putting in work to become the best versions of ourselves. We feed off one another’s strengths and help each other continually grow in areas of weakness. I know that when I go to workout, I’ll be continuing to learn and grow in this very humbling sport at 611. I had a coach pull me aside after class one evening and literally mark my feet to show me where I should be in a split jerk. She watched me go through the movement and had me make adjustments as needed. I appreciate that extra 5-10 minutes of instruction more than she could know. That is just one of the many examples I could give on the coaching staff at 611. They are all dedicated and eager to teach others and help us all grow in this wild sport. Saving the best for last, Shawn and Becky. Shortly after starting at 611, it was easy to see how committed they are to their community. They want nothing but the best for their members. They have moved mountains to make what would seem like the impossible, possible. It is no wonder they have such an incredible team of coaches; they are amazing leaders. I am beyond blessed to be a part of this community and luckily for me, they’ll be stuck with me for quite a while!

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