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We'd love to meet you, show you around our facility and learn more about you and your specific fitness goals. While you're here, we'll also teach you a few basic CrossFit movements and put you through a quick workout. We'll talk about the best way to help you get started!

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A Few of Our Programs

Childcare offered during most of our CrossFit classes |
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Meet Our Fitness Family

Brandi - The toughest part of CrossFit is walking in the front door! Once you do, the folks here will make you feel right at home while kicking your backside!

Mary - Everyone, regardless of skill level is so nice and helpful in the group workouts.

Mary - I joined to increase the strength in my back and core.

Anna - I joined because I needed a change in my workouts.

Katherine - Since beginning CrossFit in general, I've learned my body is capable of so much more than I ever thought possible.

Nickie Stowers - Since joining CrossFit 611 I have learned that I am stronger than I realized. Perhaps not stronger physically, but mentally -- taking each challenge/routine and doing it the best I can.

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