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We'd love to meet you, show you around our facility and learn more about you and your specific fitness goals. While you're here, we'll also teach you a few basic CrossFit movements and put you through a quick workout. We'll talk about the best way to help you get started!

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Dr. Lara Chase, PT, DPT - I enjoy the community, hands down. I can workout at home by myself. I'm looking for camaraderie and friendships, people who can push me.

Jennifer - I've learned that with the help of a good coach and friends accountability I'll push myself much harder than if I without in my own.

Jami Smith - I joined to get strong and to shed a few pounds.

Anna Zeno - The owners of CrossFit 611 truly care about the members and are constantly striving to better the gym in one way or another. I've loved my 2 years here!

Shelia Stigers - I enjoy the community, the sense of accomplishment but never boredom.

Nickie Stowers - As I looked around I saw people my age (66 yrs) needing assistance to perform simple everyday tasks. As far as I could see the the primary thing lacking in their lives was exercise. So I am determined to do what I need to do so I can continue living on my own and enjoying life. Bottom line is I want to be able to out perform the normal person my age.

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